Outside in inside out

OUTSIDE IN, INSIDE OUT – a project that prepares general secondary students for further education and for future jobs…

Focus: OUTSIDE IN: the world of work is starting point; INSIDE OUT: the school prepares students better on their way to work


Passion, vision and action of all participants form the success of this project.

 General information

In the participating countries of this project we concluded that too many young students - at the end of general secondary education - make the wrong choice for vocational education (VET) and to higher vocational education and university. After general secondary education students switch too much in the first years of further vocational education and university, because they were not well informed about what education fitted to them.


In the whole EU we face the same problems, students have a lack of insight concerning the actual and future labour market, there is a weak connection between schools and the world of work. This all is of big importance, we still have too many dropouts (ESL), too many students switch in the first stage at VET, higher vocational education and university. The effect is decrease of motivation of youngsters, the schoolperiod extends and youth unemployment raises.It is important to all of us to work on this together in the interest of:

  • the students on their way to qualifications in VET, Higher vocational education and university;
  • good qualified staff at schools;
  • a well functioning labour market.


A lack of information, not knowing exactly what the characteristiscs are, what learning skills are important and not knowing well what kind of jobs fit to their own interest and talents and what requirements meet the demands on the labour market.

Key problem is that the young students don't have the slightest idea about the actual and future labour market. The schoolprocess can be characterised as an internal process, with a focus on learning aims defined by the Ministries of education in the involved countries.


Schools have to change their focus to the outside world of work.

What are the developments at the labour market, how can we inform our students better, how can teachers be better trained to support students in career orientation and career guidance. Students need a better understanding of work, occupation and employment in order to make a more balanced study choice for further vocational education or university. Active and intensive cooperation with companies forms an import part of the process of career orientation and career guidance. Companies get connected with employees of the future and utilize the brainpower of young people.


Intellectual Outputs

In 2016 – 2018 we will develop a well balanced programme to prepare students from general secondary schools better for further education.

The intellectual outputs in this project are:

  1. Conceptual framework of "labour market orientated career orientation and career guidance" for general secondary education (leader: Finland)
  2. Guideline for building a sustainable network of companies/organisations for general secondary education (leader: United Kingdom)
  3. Blueprint and tools to realise a "labour market orientated curriculum" in schools for general secondary education, OUTSIDE IN (Leader: Austria)
  4. Description training programme INSIDE OUT (leader: The Netherlands)  
  5. Toolbox "OUTSIDE IN, INSIDE OUT" (leader: The Netherlands)

By producing these Intellectual Outputs schools will dispose of a toolbox which will increase the quality of education significantly, students will choose further vocational education more balanced/well founded, students will switch less in further vocational education or university, students will be better prepared to enter the labour market for a job with perspective and a job which fits to the individual competences and interest. The endproduct, a toolbox ‘Outside in, Inside out’ will be of great value to support schools in preparing the students for the next step! The involved partners in OUTSIDE IN INSIDE OUT have a big network of general secondary schools, companies, local governments, public employment services. A guarantee for succesful dissemination and mainstreaming.